Little Feet make The Biggest Impressions
OnOur Hearts!

Crafting Handprint and Footprint Mementos of Your Child


Baby Ornaments & Memorabilia

New expecting mothers will adore these baby ornaments and memorabilia. The imprint mold you make I can reuse to make many more to reorder for the family. I keep the mold up to a year just for you.

The Baby Handprint Co

Special Mementos
to Honor Your Child

Welcome to The Baby Handprint Co, your home for cherished keepsakes celebrating your child's growth. It is never too late to order a special memory to honor your child.

The Baby Handprint Co specializes in crafting handprint and footprint mementos as unique as each child. These mementos are perfectly imperfect and one of a kind.

Premium Ceramic
Clay Products

Whether you are looking for nursery décor, pet memorials, or a custom keepsake, we are dedicated to providing you only the highest quality ceramic clay products.

Our signature products, our handprint and footprint keepsakes, are trendy for new mom gifts, baby shower gifts, and playroom décor.

The Baby Handprint Co
The Baby Handprint Co

Create a
Cherished Ceramic Keepsake

There is something so sweet about memorializing your baby's hands and feet, and it is this timeless reminder that will keep their childhood alive. Molds are retained for up to a year to re-use many more ornaments and plaques if you choose later.

An easy dough mold kit will be sent out to you to print up your baby. Once you have achieved the print you like, please shop back to create a cherished ceramic keepsake.

*Please check back often for updates on shipping timelines, especially around the holidays.

Shipping Details

The goal of shipping the print kit is 1 - 5 days. Shipping at busy times can be up to approximately eight days and due to COVID. Shipping cost includes shipping mold and final piece.

Custom Orders take approximately 8 - 10 weeks* or so for custom orders longer at holidays. Order early for the Holidays.

*when I receive your mold back.

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